Welcome to Blue Ant Media. We are passionate about creating entertaining and compelling programming for our eight brands. This guide is for independent producers wishing to pitch us concepts.

We are looking for thought-provoking documentaries that explore science, history and culture. These shows are designed to inspire and engage you. Canada Over the Edge chronicles the most expansive coastline on the planet – with jaw dropping aerial footage; Warships follows the daily events and real life stories of the brave men and women living and working on Canada’s warships.


Blue Ant Submission Form
BAM Tech Specs for Travel


Our viewers expect a high-level of engagement in the programs they watch. They want to watch interesting people doing interesting things, or have unique access into special worlds. Shooting and characters should be vibrant, energetic and active. We don’t want shows to be “lessons” but rather once-in a lifetime journeys where viewers take away an awesome experience. Shows can be playful, scary, serious or fun, but all connect with the viewer’s basic human curiousity.


All submissions must be accompanied by a BLUE ANT submission form. We require a 2-3 page proposal that clearly outlines what the program is about. Please do not submit pages of research about a subject. We want the proposal to answer the following questions:

  • What is the show about? What is the hook? What makes this unique?
  • What will happen each episode?
  • Who are the main characters or hosts? And what makes them ideal to tell these stories?
  • What makes this a series that has the potential to continue for many seasons?
  • What is the shooting and editing style?
  • Who is the production team?
  • What is the budget range?

DEMOS ARE PREFERRED: A demo is THE best way to quickly show us your characters, their world and the vibe of your idea. It doesn't need to be long – a couple minutes tops. All proposals and demos will be reviewed by our programming team. If declined, you’ll receive notification by e-mail.


Please include a finance plan with your submission. Blue Ant Media has a CMF envelope which may be applied to qualifying projects. We can only accept proposals for Blue Ant owned channels.


Please send proposals for Travel + Escape, Cottage Life, radX and Bite to:
Sam Linton
Executive in Charge of Production
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please send proposals for Oasis HD, HIFI, eqhd, and AUX to:
Craig Colby
Director of Production
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or by regular mail:
Blue Ant Media.
130 Merton St. Suite 200.
Toronto. ONT. M4S 1A4

More Information about our other Brands


We are looking for engaging and dynamic series that show gripping people pursuing their passions all over the world. For example, in Boundless, we follow the adventures of two endurance racers as they climb, run and bike in some of the most extreme competitive events on Earth. In BBQ Crawl, we follow a BBQ champion on her competition circuit through the American South, stopping at every mouth-watering BBQ joint along the way. In Scam City we strap on hidden cameras to expose tourist scams from Paris to Marrakesh. Our commissioned programs grab viewers and immerse them in exotic locations, wrap them in exciting stories and reveal surprises – the way only a true adventure can.


The channel where “everyday is the weekend”. We are looking for ongoing series that celebrate getting outside, living and playing in Canada’s wilderness wonderland. We are looking for entertaining stories and compelling characters. There are many ways “in” to the outside – through food, real estate, renovation, outdoor entertaining, sports and recreation. And we look to you to find the new twist.


From classic rock to classical opera, from great museums to the world of quirky collectors and concept cars, HIFI programs are smart, refreshing and beautiful. We connect viewers with different forms of art. On Guitar Picks we explore the world of guitar culture from the signature pink guitars of Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French to the man who makes guitars out of wood recovered from demolished New York City landmarks. Mystery Cars tells the tale of futuristic concept cars whose designs sparked the imagination and only exist today because someone saved them from the crusher. We are commissioning short-run series and one-offs.


The beauty and wonder of our natural world is endless. We are looking for series and one-offs that provide viewers with a unique perspective on wildlife and nature. Whether it’s a jaw-dropping look at the majesty of Canada’s National Parks (A Park for All Seasons), an intimate glimpse into a wildlife rehabilitation center (Hope for Wildlife), or the dramatic migration of African wildebeests in the Serengeti -- these stunning stories are incredible to watch.


radX programs focus on epic stories of Risk, Adventure, and Danger. Our shows are vibrant and visceral – allowing viewers to explore the limits of daring extremes. We go to the edge of the cliff, the edge of endurance and the limits of your comfort zone. On Around the Bend two buddies from Saskatchewan take a rafting trip on the Ganges that becomes more and more hazardous with each turn of the river. Hell on Hooves follows the thrilling world of the professional rodeo; from bull riding to barrel racing.


We showcase music, and the stories behind it. Raw, authentic, and intimate, the channel uncovers some of the best artists from rock to hip-hop. Aux Features music videos, live performances, movies, event documentaries, interviews, and entertainment news.


For people who want to be entertained, BITE is the alternative source for a variety of smart, original and unfiltered comedy that’s current and relevant. BITE’s International Interactive Emmy award-winning format features the very best in all things funny – comedy shorts, stand-up, improv, and of course the funniest, most celebrated shows around, handpicked for you. BITE TV seamlessly brings together TV, online and mobile to ensure that you can always laugh – wherever you are! We are currently focusing on series for the web. Check out our series “Guidance” as an example.